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i love it when his hair goes like this


After seeing Louis in the club in Chicago on Friday, I have 100% no doubt in my mind that the Louis Tomlinson we see on stage/in press/on fan service is a completely different off the clock/non-working Louis. I haven’t seen him that carefree, and with his guard (mostly) down since probably 2012. 


I wasn’t going to even talk about this but because I see rumors going around about Louis at the club last night I now feel compelled to address it.

Long story short, I was at the same club as Zayn and Louis last night. They came in around 3am. Eleanor was NOT there. The only people with them were Stan, Oli, Mike Navarra (from Sony), and their guards. Louis was singing along to music and drinking (obviously) but he was having THE BEST time just hanging out in their booth with his friends. He also sang along loudly to Man in the Mirror and was smiling a lot. I didn’t see Zayn for too long in the booth but he was in a really good mood too. There were a few girls in the booth from time to time, (no one that I recognized) but everyone was super chill and just dancing around and having fun. Neither Zayn or Louis were sloppy. It seemed like they had a really fun night. The club closed at 4 and everyone left. End of story.

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@Harry_Styles: Hiiii, I slept all day. Ate cereal at 5pm.



Ansel Elgort playing for the EZoo after party at Pacha